Blue Dog is one of the best Electrical Businesses to hit the Brisbane's Northside and Sunshine Coast areas.

Our fully qualified tradesmen are 100% dedicated to ensuring high quality work and doing right by you as our customer.

Named after a loyal and determined breed, Blue Dog's main aim is to provide its clients with a safe, reliable and affordable service.

Every single job we complete will receive the chance to give feedback via a personal email within 2 days of payment. This ongoing critical analysis ensures that our business can be forever improving and catering to our clients' needs.

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Simple: We want to help you!

Unlike a lot of other electrical businesses you've heard of, Blue Dog want to give you your money's worth.

We believe in providing our clients with the best price we can in the hopes of future work and being recommended to friends and family. This is why we offer for our Tradesmen to come out and take a look at any jobs that aren't completely straightforward before we quote a price. This is all at no extra cost to the customer.

We also have specific brands we recommend that have proven to be reliable, safe and reasonably priced. We are in no way affiliated with the brands we suggest, we simply want to provide our clients with products we would choose for our own homes.