Terms and Conditions

THE BORING (but kinda necessary) BIT...


By confirming the job, you agree to these Terms and Conditions

Item 1

1.1 - The quotation received is fixed and valid for fifteen (15) days. After this day, Blue Dog may adjust and, therefore, increase the quoted price. Blue Dog may extend the validation period of the quote in written notice and mutual agreement with the client.

1.2 - A confirmation notice will need to be received before work can commence. This will be accepted only in written form including (but not limited to) email.

Item 2

2.1- Blue Dog reserves the right to withdraw or adjust a quoted price only on the grounds that information affecting the amount of labour and/or materials required is withheld or discovered after the price has been quoted.

2.2 - If said information is discovered after a tradesman has arrived at the location of the job, the call out fee will still be charged to the client, regardless of the acceptance of the new quote.

2.3 - If the new quote is accepted verbally, the Blue Dog tradesman will obtain written confirmation of acceptance through a signature on a prepared template with added price before going ahead with the job.

2.4 - If said new information causes a job to run over the originally expected time and affects the next booked client of that day, Blue Dog reserves the right to reschedule the job date/time within the next five (5) business days where possible.

Item 3

3.1 - Invoices are sent the weekend immediately following the completion of the job or the agreed ‘stage completion’*. Payment is due** by the following Thursday after the invoice has been sent. The invoice will specify this date.

Item 4

4.1 - Payment is to be made via Electronic Funds Transfer into the account stated on the invoice or via Stripe by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button on your electronic invoice. Special circumstances may allow for Cash payments to be made to our office or our tradesmen on the day of completion, however, this must be organised and agreed upon by both parties at least two (2) days before job commencement.

4.2 - If no payment has been received*** and there has been no contact from the customer by the Friday morning following the sending of the invoice, Blue Dog will send a message (email or text) to the customer checking in and/or asking for remittance. If contact is unsuccessful, a late fee of 5% of the invoiced price will be added.

4.3 - At the discretion of Blue Dog, a further 5% of the original invoiced price will be added each Friday until the payment or remittance has been received***.

4.4 - Payments that are 30 days overdue will immediately be passed on to a debt collection agency. The client will also be responsible for any costs incurred by Blue Dog to involve the debt collection agency.

Item 5

5.1 - Jobs quoted for $5000 or more may need a 10% deposit from the client before the job commencement. This will be at the discretion of Blue Dog and will be discussed upon the sending of the original quote.

5.2 - If this deposit is required, it is non-refundable if a the job is cancelled by the client within 24 hours of the job’s confirmed start date.

5.3 - If the job needs to be cancelled at any time by Blue Dog, the customer will receive a full refund of their deposit paid.

5.4 - Any costs incurred for specialised equipment and/or material bought for a job that has been cancelled by the client will be at the full expense of the client. Blue Dog will notify the client of such equipment before the booking and purchase(s) are made.

5.5 - Some situations may call for an upfront payment for goods and materials (e.g. certain brands of AC units) and cannot be refunded if the job is cancelled.

Item 6

6.1 - The materials and equipment used for work carried out by Blue Dog become the sole responsibility of the client once they are left on site.

6.2 - No materials or equipment will be left on the client’s premises without prior notification.

Item 7

7.1 - Blue Dog takes no responsibility and offers no guarantee for any goods and/or materials supplied by the client. The goods will be tested where possible and deemed fit for purpose at the time of installation.

7.2 - Blue Dog offers the standard consumer's warranty (1 year) on the goods provided by Blue Dog.

7.3 - Any costs incurred for the request of rectification of faulty materials that were supplied by the client will be at the client’s expense (including call out fees and any travel costs).

Item 8

8.1 - Blue Dog workers are not required to perform any services they deem to be unsafe and/or hazardous to their immediate or long term health. When carrying out the Risk Assessment, if they determine something unsafe, they will notify the client and it is then up to the client to rectify/test/remove the hazard/risk before the work can continue. If the hazard/risk cannot be rectified or removed the same day, the client will only be invoiced for the work that was completed and the remaining work will be rescheduled for a later date with safer conditions.

8.2 - At Blue Dog’s discretion, a call out fee may still be charged in the circumstance of the entire job needing to be rescheduled due to hazardous/risky work conditions.

Item 9

9.1 For jobs requiring any sort of certificate or compliance notice, these will be emailed to the client once payment is received or remittance is sent to Blue Dog.

Item 10

10.1 - The client acknowledges they have made their own judgement as to Blue Dog being fit for the purpose of their required work in terms of quality, condition, value and sustainability.

Item 11

11.1 - Blue Dog reserves the right to change and update these Terms and Conditions as our business expands and adapts.

* ‘Stage Completion’ – for larger jobs, agreed stages will be agreed upon before job commencement. These stages are usually (but not always) ‘rough in’, ‘cut & strip’ and ‘fit off’. Payment for labour and materials up to each stage will be invoiced and due (the following Thursday) after each stage is complete.

**’Payment Due’ – this is when the money is expected to be in our account or, at minimum, proof of remittance sent to the Blue Dog email (bluedog.electrical@gmail.com)

***’Received’ – in terms of payment, this means the money is in the Blue Dog account. In terms of remittance, this means the proof is in our inbox.