Meet Our Reason

Welcome to the Blue Dog Family!

sleepy parker_edited.jpg

The Face of the Business


Parker came into our lives in late 2015. He was the happiest little pup you could imagine and has since grown into a clever, mostly-obedient, child-loving family member. He prefers to spend his days outdoors, chatting with plovers and basking in the sun. After sunset he turns into a 37kg lap dog who is great at helping bath and feed the kids before getting them into bed.
We couldn't imagine a more lovable being to name our business after and we hope he knows how much we appreciate him.


The Other Ones

We are a young married couple in our mid-20s who have had this dream of running our own business since we met. We have a 3yo son and a 5yo daughter. We moved to the far north side of Brisbane in late 2018 and have absolutely loved the community spirit we've found here. Since starting our own, we have made a more conscious effort to support other small, local businesses and are always helping spread the word.
We hope you will find us approachable for any of your electrical needs!


What's Been Happening

Latest News for Blue Dog

New Stickers! New Stickers!


Now we can (technically) take Parker with us to every job! Thanks Vistaprint for our car decals and magnets.


New Sign! New Sign!


Not that we weren't happy with the other one, but a bit of change never hurt anyone?? Plus, I've been told many a time that the new one is 'sooo much easier to read'. Whoops!


Boring Easter... the Way We Like It!


Nought to report this year. Lounging around by the pool, selflessly eating all the chocolate to remove temptations from Parker. Saints, we are!


New Year, New Team


Welcome to Nick and Marty! Our new apprentice and tradesman. Nick has grown up around electricians and Marty used to be Jarrod's tradesman when he was an apprentice! We are confident you'll like them as much as we do.


Merry Christmas!


Bit of a shocker of a year to be honest... Glad we've ended it on top though with the people that have our backs. Thanks once again to all our customers and supporters. Couldn't have gotten through another year without you.

P.S - How crappy, that Holey Moley don't let in dogs...


Hot, Hot, Hot!


Things are heating up again in sunny Queensland which means we're back at the beach almost every chance we get! Salty Staffies are always a good time.


Australia's Next Top Model


Parker tried his paw at modelling this week. But when he realised he got paid in this weird papery stuff and not the standard marrow treats like at Blue Dog, he stopped taking himself so seriously and came back to mascotting.


Another Year, Another Grey Fur Patch


In his defence, he's a grey dog so at least he hides it well. Happy Birthday to our first baby, turning 6 today (42 in dog years). We think he's starting to look very wise with the added years.


Fresh Muscle


As ADORABLE as our new worker's are, we're already think we may have to let them go. The little one falls asleep on the job and the big one has too much sass to handle. The backchat, honestly...


Easter... But Make It Freedom


Finally! An Easter at not-our-house. We took old mate Parker down to visit some family on the South Side where he was, yet again, disappointed on the lack of chocolate he received.


Let There Be Light!


First personal project of the year... annoy the neighbours. Kidding! But now no one can miss our sign, even when the sun goes down. Fancy!


Shed Tings


To celebrate Blue Dog business turning 2, we built a shed! Well... we laid a slab and put a metal frame on it. But it'll be a shed soon enough!


Spring has Sprung!


Okay look, we've still got a few more weeks to go until we can come out of the surf without goosebumps and blue lips... but today we say goodbye to Winter for another year. Bring on the heat!


Over the Cold


Parker is spewin' that upgrading the hot water system doesn't mean much in the way of his hose baths. At least he gets a good old massage with his top-of-the-range tea tree oil shampoo! #spoilt


Lookin' Schmick!


With our apprentice ready to go we upgraded our uniforms to this nice blue! Although, Parker is very adamant that it's a 'metal grey'. Our customers have been loving the boys' new look and we've been getting quite a few compliments on our social media too!


Birthday Boy!


Our buddy, Parker turns 5 today! (35 in dog years)
And how are we celebrating? By ditching him for a week to go down south for a wedding. See you soon, boy! Have fun with the kids and the grandparents.

5 Birthday.jpg

New Kid on the Block!


Despite the uncertainty of Covid, Blue Dog has decided to take on our very own apprentice. He will be officially starting with us late next month and he's very eager to earn all he can!
The only thing Parker can fault him on, is that he only gives 5 minute belly rubs instead of the usual required 10.


Chocolate's Not Good for Dogs!


We normally go away for Easter so Parker was so excited to realise that we'd be spending this year's with him in isolation!
This, however, was his face when we told him that dogs can't eat chocolate.
He still decided to learn the hard way and convinced the 1 year old to share. He paid for it the next day but was kind enough to deal with it in the very back corner of our yard...


Iso Buddies!


Strange times call for strange measures. With COVID-19 becoming a very real threat to Australians and the health system, we've decided to take a few weeks of self isolation to do our part in flattening the curve.
Parker is loving everyone being home!


Better Late than Never?


It only took 3 months of sweltering heat for our family to decide that 1 AC in our home wasn't enough.
Now Parker has claimed his new cool spot in the house and the boss isn't too pleased with it.

Bedroom AC.jpg

Oh, Hey 2020!


Our first big event for the year was a 3-in-1 party! Our second smallest member turned 3 and our Head Tradesman turned 27 both the same week as Australia Day. We celebrated the only way we know how: backyard cricket, loud t-shirts and blow-up pools!


We Are Here!


Today we installed a huge banner on the outside of our office. We've had quite a few people who live around our area let us know that they had seen us on socials but weren't sure where exactly we were! We're so happy with how it looks.


Spooky Pooch


Parker put on his scariest costume he could fit into and went for a ghoulish walk around the neighbourhood for Halloween! He loved it and so did the children we saw on the way.


Our First Blue Dog Van!


Today was the day our hard work and our customers' support paid off! We were able to purchase a brand new Renault Trafic Van. Our ads are now stuck on and we've already received a few messages saying they've seen our new vehicle!


The Fastest Year


Our youngest Blue Dog team member turned 1 today. While Mum and Dad aren't allowed to have favourites, Parker has made it very clear that he prefers our little boy over our daughter. We had a gorgeous little party where a Cake Shop - which we will never be ordering from again - turned everyone blue (or dark grey, if you ask Parker). It was definitely one for the memories!


Keeping Us on Our Toes


Today Parker gave us a heart attack by going on a little adventure around the neighborhood. We think he just wanted to check out all the installations and servicing we've been doing over the last few months. But we were, to say the least, very happy when some friendly neighbours returned him to us safe and sound. We'll be spending tonight resting our vocal cords after screaming his name for 2 hours straight.


The Big 4! (28 in Dog Years)


Today our Blue Dog turns 4! We looked back on old photos and remembered how 1 photo of him is genuinely the reason we met and without him our family wouldn't have come to be.
We are forever grateful for the way fate played out and constantly reminded of what a good boy our big 4/28 year old is.


Feeling the Love!


Today we hit 100 likes on Facebook and 90 followers on instagram. We have our regular sharers who always help us out with the simple click of a button and the Blue Dog name is slowly spreading.
Words cannot describe how appreciative we are for all our friends and family who share our posts and page as well as all the customers who acknowledge our hard work with a review.

100 Likes.jpg

Blue Dog is Officially Cool


Today we received our ARC Licence which means we are now allowed to install our own Air Conditioning under the Blue Dog name! We have had about a year's experience in AC installs already so to be able to take all the credit for the efficient and tidy work is incredible!

AC Lic_edited.jpg

Here's My Card


Today we received our first batch of Business Cards. Well, actually our second batch - we had another order a few weeks ago but it wasn't until they arrived that we noticed the admin officer (me) had made a typo... I don't wanna talk about it...
But anyway, now we are good to go! We will be updating our design once our ARC Licence comes through.


Cutest Posties Ever


Today our 2 cutest employees went around the Caboolture and Morayfield streets, dropping off some flyers we had made up. They did really well...
for 5 mins. Then the adult employees got stuck with the letter dropping AND carrying 50% of the cutest employees.

Letter Drop_edited_edited.jpg

In the Beginning!


Blue Dog Enterprise Electrical has arrived! We have signed the forms, paid the relevant fees, made the website and ordered the promotional material.
And just like that, a business is born! We are excited for all that is to come. We welcome you to join us in this journey by following us on Instagram or Liking our Facebook Page (see bottom of the screen)