Blue Dog and the Under Dogs

At Blue Dog, we are big supporters of the phrase 'Adopt, Don't Shop'. Each year in Queensland, thousands of healthy cats and dogs are put to sleep as a result of being abandoned or surrendered and failing to find a 'Forever Home' in time.

The good people of Animal Welfare League Queensland, have made a promise not to euthanise any healthy, social or treatable companion in their care. That's why we, at Blue Dog have decided to lend a helping hand to those caring for these unfortunate animals until a new family choose them as their new fur baby!

5% of Blue Dog's monthly profits will go towards this wonderful organisation.

Check out all their hard work below and head to their website if you'd like to help one of these animals embrace a brighter future or generously donate what you can. Every dollar counts!

Happy Puppy
Neva Masquerade Cat

2018-19 Financial year

$189.34 |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

This is the amount donated to the Animals Welfare League Queensland by Blue Dog Enterprise Electrical as of the 1st of September.
5% of our profits each month go toward this fantastic organisation.
Please feel free to click the link to the left to generously give what you can.